These modular t-post AR500 steel flipper targets are some of the most fun targets to shoot. Like the standard skull and torso targets, these flipper targets lock onto a common locally available t-post. Each purchase comes with 2 flipper targets. Too many flipper targets are excessively expensive, complex, oversized, and cannot be shipped economically. This set allows for you to build your own duelling tree two targets at a time. The body of the flipper target is made of 3/8" AR500 steel and protects the t-post. 


Installation Instructions- 

-Step 1 - With the raised knobs on the t-post facing away from the shooter, place the lock key in the desired position between two knobs.

-Step 2 - Then slide the target down the t-post and slide it over the lock key. That's it!


Note -

-The orientation of the t-post is opposite between the skull/torso targets and the flipper targets. A flipper target cannot be correctly placed on a t-post with the standard skull and torso targets. Separate t-posts must be used




All targets are made of 3/8" AR500 Steel. All safety practices must be followed. We are not responsible for any damages or injuries from shooting targets whether used properly or improperly due to the inherent risk of any shooting activity.  You are fully responsible for the proper and safe use of these targets. The maximum recommended pistol cartridge is 45 ACP or smaller with a minimum recommended pistol calibre range of 10 yards. The maximum recommended rifle cartridge is 308 WIN or smaller and the minimum recommended rifle calibre range of 100 yards. Any use of larger calibres or ranges closer than minimum ranges will create excessive wear and tear on the targets and increases the risk of injuries. We are not responsible and will not warrantee targets used outside the recommended cartridges and ranges.  

Zombie T-Post Flippers - 2-AR500 Flipper Targets

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