These collapsible t-post stands allow for quick setup and take down of your Killer Steel Targets. The t-post simply slides into the top of the stand with the flange sliding into the slots. The legs are slid into the base mount with the end of the leg angling downward making the contact point as far out as possible. The legs are held in place with simple 1/4" bolts and butterfly nuts. Leg extensions can be ordered with the stand. These leg extensions slide into the existing legs and also attach with a 1/4" bolts and butterfly nuts. While shooting the recommended calibres at recommended ranges on level solid ground the leg extensions are not normally needed. If using the targets on unlevel ground or outside recommended calibres or ranges, leg extensions provide the extra stability. 


Stands sold individually and shipped via USPS.

Zombie Target Collapsible T-Post Stand

Leg Extension
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